Chateau julia Lazaridis ch. julia merlot 2019


The Chateau Julia Lazaridi Merlot 2019 from the Costa Lazaridi winery in Drama, Macedonia, Greece, is a highly regarded red wine, particularly popular among Vivino users. This wine, made exclusively from the Merlot grape variety, has garnered more than 600 ratings and is ranked among the top 1% of all wines globally. This wine is celebrated for its 272 mentions of oaky notes, including oak, vanilla, and chocolate, suggesting a rich and complex flavor profile that appeals to those who appreciate a well-rounded, oaky character in their red wines Its appearance is a solid, deep red, indicating a wine of substantial depth and intensity. The aroma profile of the Chateau Julia Merlot 2019 is equally enchanting, with a captivating alternation of impressions. It features notes of redcurrant, cherry jam, mint chocolate, ink, and cedar, providing a multi-layered sensory experience. The palate is described as fleshy and rich, almost plethoric, with abundant fruit supporting the well-integrated tannins. The wine's high alcohol content is cleverly balanced by its acidity, resulting in a sensation of sweetness and volume rather than overwhelming heat. Recognized as an excellent, rich, and awarded Greek red wine, the Chateau Julia Merlot 2019 is a testament to the winemaking excellence of Domaine Costa Lazaridi in Drama. It exemplifies the potential of Greek Merlot to stand out in the international wine market with its distinctive flavor profile and superb craftsmanship.