Ch. passavant Anjou organic white 2022


The Château de Passavant Anjou Organic White 2022 is a distinctive white wine from the Middle Loire region in the Loire Valley, France. Made exclusively from Chenin Blanc grapes, this wine is noted for its earthy notes, which have been mentioned in several reviews. Chenin Blanc, known for its versatility and expressive nature, is a signature grape of the Loire Valley and contributes significantly to the wine's character. The 2022 vintage of this wine showcases a beautiful acidity and a floral attack, featuring white flowers on the nose. This is followed by a rich aromatic intensity of white-fleshed fruits such as pear, peach, and vine peach. The wine concludes with a round and satisfying finish, attributed to the optimal maturity of the grapes at the time of harvest. This flavor profile underlines the winemaker's focus on capturing the essence of the Chenin Blanc grape. Overall, the Château de Passavant Anjou Organic White 2022 stands out for its expression of the Chenin Blanc grape, showcasing the unique terroir of the Loire Valley. Its combination of acidity, floral notes, and fruitiness, along with the organic and biodynamic approach to viticulture, make it an interesting choice for those who appreciate white wines with a distinctive character and a commitment to sustainable winemaking practices.