Ch. beaubois Expression nimes org white 2021


The Château Beaubois Cuvée Expression Costières de Nîmes Organic White 2021 is a distinctive white blend from the Costières-de-Nîmes region in the Southern Rhône Valley of France. This wine is particularly notable for its composition and organic viticulture. The blend comprises 40% organic Roussanne, 40% organic Grenache Blanc, 10% organic Viognier, and 10% organic Rolle (also known as Vermentino). The wine is aged for four months in cement tanks, a method that can contribute to preserving the purity and clarity of flavor in the wine. The wine has an alcohol content of 13% by volume and features a balanced profile with residual sugar of 0.8 g/l and an acidity level of 3.90 g/l. This technical composition suggests a wine that is well-balanced, with a harmonious interplay of sweetness and acidity, contributing to its overall taste and structure. This wine suggests a character that combines the aromatic richness and texture of Roussanne and Grenache Blanc with the floral and fruity notes of Viognier and the crisp, refreshing qualities of Rolle. This combination typically results in a complex, layered wine that can offer a range of flavors from stone fruits and citrus to subtle herbal or floral undertones. The Château Beaubois Cuvée Expression Costières de Nîmes Organic White 2021, with its organic certification and thoughtful blend of varietals, represents the rich viticultural heritage and innovative spirit of the Southern Rhône region. Its composition and winemaking approach make it a wine that could be enjoyed on a variety of occasions, particularly well-suited for pairing with a range of dishes that complement its aromatic and flavor profile.