Casa patronales Reserva carmenere 2018


The 2018 Casa Patronales Reserva Carmenere from the Maule Valley in Chile's Central Valley is a red wine that delivers a rich and nuanced experience. It is primarily made from the Carménère grape, a variety known for its deep, complex flavors. This wine's appearance is a captivating deep purplish-red, highlighted by notes of violet, which add to its visual appeal.Aromatically, the wine is characterized by an intriguing blend of oaky notes, including chocolate and tobacco, which are prominently mentioned in reviews. These aromas contribute to the wine's complexity and depth. In addition, the wine features a strong presence of black fruit notes, such as blackberry, blackcurrant, and plum, offering a rich and layered sensory experience. On the palate, the Casa Patronales Reserva Carmenere 2018 showcases fresh aromas of black Morello cherries and a spicy finish with a smooth toasty touch. This combination of fruit and spice is harmonious and inviting. The wine's structure is described as full, with very smooth tannins, providing a well-rounded and satisfying mouthfeel. Further adding to its allure are hints of black plums, tobacco, and a gentle toasty touch that blends seamlessly with the fruit flavors for a memorable finish. Overall, the 2018 Casa Patronales Reserva Carmenere stands out for its blend of rich flavors and aromas, smooth tannins, and a full-bodied palate, making it a notable choice for enthusiasts of Chilean red wines.