Carta vieja Sauvignon blanc 2022


The Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc 2022 is a refreshing and vibrant white wine from the Loncomilla Valley, a part of Chile's renowned Maule Valley wine region. This wine is noted for its delicate pale yellow color with faint green reflections, indicative of its youth and freshness. The wine's aroma profile is described as fresh, clean, and intense, with prominent notes of white currant, fresh herbs, and lime. These aromas are complemented by subtle hints of sweat and asparagus, adding complexity and depth to the bouquet. This combination of scents is typical of the Sauvignon Blanc varietal, known for its highly aromatic nature. On the palate, the Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc 2022 is described as strong with great balance and texture. It features juicy, fresh, and crispy acidity, coupled with some minerality. This acidic backbone is a hallmark of Sauvignon Blanc, contributing to the wine's refreshing and palate-cleansing properties. The presence of minerality also suggests the influence of the terroir, as mineral-rich soils often impart distinct characteristics to wines. The wine is available in both 750ml and 1.5L bottles, with the larger size described as having a bright yellow color with green reflections. The same aromatic profile is noted, emphasizing white currant, fresh herb, and lime aromas, along with asparagus and mineral notes. The wine's finish is described as long and elegant, a quality that enhances its overall appeal. In summary, the 2022 vintage of Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc from Chile's Loncomilla Valley is a notable example of the Sauvignon Blanc varietal, showcasing the characteristic freshness, aromatic complexity, and crisp acidity that wine enthusiasts have come to appreciate in this grape variety.