Boutari Santorini dry white 2021


The Boutari Santorini Dry White 2021 is a distinguished wine from the Aegean Islands of Greece, specifically from the Santorini region. This wine is made entirely from the Assyrtiko grape, a variety well-known for its ability to thrive in the volcanic and sandy soils of Santorini. The vines used for this wine are aged between 50-60 years and are trained in a unique woven basket style called "Kouloura". This traditional viticulture method, combined with the unique terroir of Santorini, contributes significantly to the distinct character of the wine. The Boutari Santorini 2021 has a bright yellow color and offers a beautiful nose with flower aromas of lemon tree and jasmine. It has a well-structured palate with aromas of exotic and citrus fruits, embodying a zesty and refined character. This wine is noted for its perceived saltiness and intense mineral body, balanced by high acidity that delivers a splendid finish. These characteristics make it an ideal pairing with various dishes, including fresh grilled fish with olive oil, lemon and thyme, fresh or steamed oysters, shrimps with lemon dressing, pasta with seafood, Greek salad, and cheeses with mild acidity like feta or goat cheese. The wine is produced with careful attention to quality. Grapes are hand-harvested, and incoming grapes are selected by hand for optimum quality. They undergo a cooling process at 10°C before destemming, crushing, and pressing. Part of the production undergoes cold soaking to maximize aromas into the must. The free-run juice is then transferred to fermentors and racked off the lees at a very low temperature to achieve optimum clarity. Alcoholic fermentation occurs at 14-18°C to achieve primary and secondary aromas, and the wine is finally transferred to stainless steel tanks to gain volume and complexity by fine lees stirring for at least 3 months before bottling. The Boutari Santorini Dry White 2021 has an alcohol content between 13.5-13.9%, and it is recommended to be consumed within a drinking window from 2023 to 2027. This indicates the wine's potential for short-term aging, allowing its flavors and aromas to further develop over time. In terms of accolades, the Boutari Santorini Dry White 2021 has been awarded a Silver Medal in 2023 and a Gold Medal in 2022 at the Thessaloniki International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), highlighting its excellence and recognition in the wine community. The Boutari Santorini Dry White 2021 represents a high-quality offering that can appeal to a broad audience, especially those who appreciate the unique characteristics of Assyrtiko wines from Santorini. Its combination of traditional winemaking techniques, distinct terroir influences, and award-winning profile make it a compelling choice.