Boutari Moschofilero dry white 2022


The 2022 Boutari Moschofilero is a remarkable dry white wine hailing from Greece, renowned for its distinctive aromatic profile and balance. It presents a yellow-white color with tints of green-yellow, exuding a robust varietal aroma dominated by flowers and citrus fruits, particularly white rose and orange blossom. This wine is appreciated for its freshness, full-bodied and balanced nature, and a long aftertaste, making it an enjoyable choice for a range of palates. Users have given this wine an average rating of 3.8, highlighting its strong citrus notes, including lemon and grapefruit, among its 602 mentions of citrus characteristics. This score reflects the wine's wide acceptance and popularity among consumers. Moreover, it has received an aggregate rating of 87/100 from 62 critic reviews on Wine-Searcher, indicating significant recognition and endorsement from several important critics. Boutari Moschofilero is produced from 100% Moschofilero grapes, grown in the highest elevation vineyards in the AOC region of Mantinia in the Peloponnese. This region is known for producing grapes that contribute to the wine's unique citrus and floral aromatics. It is often recommended as an excellent aperitif and pairs well with a wide range of delicate dishes, offering versatility in its culinary combination. Overall, the 2022 Boutari Moschofilero stands out as a premium white wine, embodying the classic characteristics of the Moschofilero grape, and offering a delightful experience for those who appreciate Greek white wines with a strong aromatic presence.