Bosinakis Ieria moschofilero rose 2022


The 2022 Bosinakis Ieria Moschofilero Rosé is a unique and refreshing wine from the Bosinakis Winery, showcasing a different approach to the Moschofilero grape variety. This wine is not just the typical white floral, aromatic Moschofilero; it's a rosé that achieves excellence by allowing more time for extraction. The Bosinaki family, who have been cultivating this grape in the Arcadia region since 1979, bring their expertise to this variant, highlighting the versatility of Moschofilero. The Ieria, meaning "priestess," is named after Diotima, the wise priestess from Mantinea and the only woman in Plato's symposium. The grapes are meticulously selected from specific vineyards in the Arcadia Strait, contributing to the wine's unique character. It features a light pink color, akin to those found in Provence rosés, and offers a playful nose coupled with a refreshing mouthfeel, making it a delightful choice for various occasions. Moreover, its quality allows it to be enjoyed for up to three years post-vintage. In terms of its sensory profile, the Ieria displays a pale pink color with gray highlights in the glass. It possesses an intense aromatic personality, with primary notes of rose, citrus, cherry, and strawberry. The palate experience is characterized by a velvet medium volume mouthfeel, complemented by fresh, clean acidity and a fruity aftertaste, which collectively make it a pleasantly complex and enjoyable wine. Key details of the 2022 Bosinakis Ieria Moschofilero Rosé include its dry nature, 12.5% alcohol content, and origins in Mantinia. The bottle size is 750ml, and it's best served at a temperature of around 9°C. The wine does not undergo aging in barriques and is sealed with a cork closure, preserving its authentic flavor profile and characteristics. This wine embodies the innovation and tradition of the Bosinakis Winery, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for those seeking to explore the diversity of Greek wines, especially in the rosé category.