Biokult Zweigelt rose organic 2021


The Biokult Zweigelt Rosé Organic 2021, originating from Austria's Burgenland region, has been received positively by wine critics and enthusiasts. Wine Enthusiast rated this rosé wine at 87 points for the 2021 vintage, indicating a high quality within its category. This score aligns with other critics who have similarly scored the wine at 86 points, underscoring its consistency in quality. The wine is made entirely from organic Zweigelt grapes, a popular red-wine grape variety in Austria known for its distinctive flavor profile. The grapes are aged for seven months in steel tanks, which contributes to the wine's character. It has an alcohol content of 11% by volume, a residual sugar level of 0.7 g/lt, and an acidity of 5.8 g/lt, balancing its sweetness and tartness effectively. Biokult Zweigelt Rosé is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes, including salads, roasts, sushi, and fish. The wine is noted for its ripe strawberry, lemon, and pepper aromas, which create an appetizing nose. Its light-bodied palate emphasizes citrus freshness and spicy berry roundness, culminating in a fresh and dry finish. This description highlights the aromatic profile of the wine, with dominant notes of strawberry, raspberry, citrus, and white pepper. In summary, the 2021 Biokult Zweigelt Rosé Organic is a well-received Austrian wine, known for its delightful blend of fruity and spicy aromas, balanced sweetness and acidity, and its versatility in food pairings. Its organic production and the use of Zweigelt grapes contribute to its unique flavor profile and appeal among wine lovers.