Barmes buecher Mue orange 2020


The Barmes Buecher Mue Orange 2020 is a unique and rare white wine blend from Alsace, France. It is made predominantly from Gewurztraminer (60%) and Pinot Gris (40%). The wine is noted for its biodynamic and organic qualities, showcasing the winery's commitment to environmentally conscious and sustainable wine production. The Mue 2020 stands out for its maceration process involving Gewurztraminer, which results in a wine with a remarkably intense color. This process also imparts a powerful charisma and a strong personality to the wine. It is characterized by bitter notes, spice flavors, and the aromas of herbal infusions, suggesting a complex and layered sensory experience. The alcohol content of the wine is 13.5%, with a sugar content of 1.4 g/L. This composition indicates a wine that balances alcohol and sweetness well, likely leading to a harmonious taste profile. The wine is classified as an orange wine, a style that typically involves extended skin contact with white wine grapes, giving the wine a distinct color and a richer, more nuanced flavor profile compared to traditional white wines. In summary, the Barmes Buecher Mue Orange 2020 represents an intriguing and distinctive wine from Alsace. Its combination of Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris, along with the unique winemaking approach, results in a wine that is likely to offer a rich and complex palate, appealing to those who appreciate unconventional and characterful wines.