Barmes buecher Gewurztraminer steingrubler 2021


The Domaine Barmès-Buecher Gewürztraminer Steingrubler 2021 is a highly regarded white wine from the Alsace Grand Cru 'Steingrubler' region in France. This wine is known for its tropical notes, particularly of lychee. Gewürztraminer wines, including this one, are characterized by their perfumed aromas, which can range from blossom to lychee and orange peel. They typically have a relatively full body and low acidity, and their sweetness can vary from dry to sweet. This specific Grand Cru vineyard is known for producing Gewürztraminer wines that are rather fat and fleshy, providing a distinct profile to the wines from this area. Overall, the 2021 Domaine Barmès-Buecher Gewürztraminer Steingrubler is notable for its aromatic richness and complexity, with a balance of tropical notes and traditional Gewürztraminer characteristics. Its biodynamic nature and high critic scores further add to its appeal as a premium wine from the Alsace Grand Cru region.