Aves del sur Merlot 2021


The 2021 Aves del Sur Merlot, a red wine from Maule Valley in Central Valley, Chile, has garnered attention for its quality and flavor profile. This particular vintage is noted for rating better than any other year for this wine, suggesting a notable improvement or distinction in this year's production. The wine is known for its red-purple color and enticing aromas of ripe fruits like black cherries and plums, complemented by notes of vanilla and caramel. Its palate is described as having a silky texture with an abundance of black fruit flavors, leading to a full, mouth-filling finish that underscores its great character. Furthermore, it has been mentioned specifically for its blackberry notes. Recommended to be consumed between 2022 and 2025, the 2021 Aves del Sur Merlot seems to be a well-regarded choice among wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, offering a rich and nuanced experience that reflects the characteristic qualities of Merlot wines from the Maule Valley.