Avantis Gewurztraminer lenga 2022


The Avantis Gewurztraminer Lenga 2022 is a well-crafted white wine from Evia, Continental Greece, known for its aromatic richness and unique flavor profile. This wine is characterized by its bright color and an array of complex aromas. You can expect scents of caramel, acacia flowers, apple geranium, mint, ginger, and ripe yellow fruits. These aromas are accompanied by tree fruit notes like peach, apricot, and pear, adding depth to its olfactory allure. The palate experience of this Gewurztraminer is equally impressive. It offers an aromatic and greasy mouthfeel, balanced by just the right level of acidity and a pronounced but pleasant sweetness. The wine's full body and low acidity make it a versatile choice, ranging from dry to sweet profiles. The aromas in Gewurztraminer wines can range from blossom to lychee and orange peel, making each sip a discovery of different flavors. The successful acclimatization of the Gewurztraminer variety in Evia is considered a significant achievement. This wine stands out for its rich volume and remarkable properties, especially considering it has not been influenced by the effects of oak. The Avantis Lenga is noted for being one of the most delightfully aromatic white wines on the market, highly appreciated for its limited production and exceptional quality.