Avantis Falcon hill white 2021


The Avantis Falcon Hill White is a delightful blend of Malagouzia and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, each constituting 50% of the wine. Originating from the Protected Geographical Indication of Evia, this wine offers a complex sensory experience. The wine presents a clear gold color and is characterized by aromas of yellow fruit, accompanied by discreet scents of barrel and flowers. This aromatic profile is further enhanced by notes of citrus and melon, which add to its appeal. On the palate, the Falcon Hill White reveals a rich, greasy, and elegant texture. It is well-balanced, featuring noble oak and ripe fruit aromas that contribute to its overall elegance. The wine's balanced acidity ensures a long-lasting aftertaste, leaving a memorable impression. The wine is described as dry, crisp, and light, with excellent freshness. This freshness is kept in check by the significant presence of Malagouzia grapes. Its crispness and lightness make it an excellent companion to fish or poultry, offering versatility in food pairings. Overall, the Avantis Falcon Hill White is a well-rounded wine that combines the distinctive qualities of its grape varieties to create a harmonious and enjoyable drinking experience.