Anhydrous Santorini pdo (aaa) 2022


The Anhydrous Santorini wine offers a unique tasting experience, characterized by its aromatic complexity and refined palate. It presents aromas of black fruits combined with a herbaceous character, which leads to a dry and full-bodied experience on the palate. The wine's density is noticeable, alongside its pronounced tannins and remarkable acidity. Flavors of black fruits, vanilla, sweet spices, and cassis complete the impressive palate profile of this Santorini red wine, culminating in a complex fruity and spicy aftertaste. Additionally, the Anhydrous Santorini features a distinct winemaking process. It is made from a blend of Athiri, Aidani, and Assyrtiko grape varieties, sourced from various locations including Emporio, Fira, Kamari, and Karterados. The viticulture involves self-rooted basket-shaped vines (kouloures), a traditional method in the region. The winemaking process includes spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, and the wine remains on the fine wine lees. This process contributes to the unique flavor and character of the Anhydrous Santorini, making it a distinctive choice for wine enthusiasts.