Aivalis Assyrtiko barrel fermented 2021


The Aivalis Winery Assyrtiko Barrel Fermented is a notable white wine originating from Korinthos in Peloponnesos, Greece. This wine presents a moderate lemon color and is distinguished by its intense aromas, including lemon, orange peel, white peach, green millet, and almond, along with notable mineral notes. The Assyrtiko grape, known for its robust character, undergoes fermentation and maturation in used oak barrels for a period of 8 months. This process imparts a spicy and smoky character to the wine, complementing its rich fruit flavors and crisp acidity. The mouthfeel of this wine is described as full-bodied, with a balanced acidity and a buttery feel, leading to a lasting after taste.Additionally, the wine has been mentioned for its earthy notes, making it a complex and intriguing choice for wine enthusiasts. Overall, the Aivalis Winery Assyrtiko Barrel Fermented is crafted to offer a unique and intense gastronomic experience, embodying the rich heritage and quality of Greek winemaking.