What is Vidiano?

This is a white grape variety from Crete made to produce white wines. There are not many Vidiano vineyards but producers agree that this plant has tremendous quality potential. Vidiano is mainly found in small areas in Crete. It produces wine with lemony green tints. You can also find intense individual and complex aromas of peaches and apricots. Also, expect hints of aromatic herbs and minerality. On the palate, this juice has full elevated levels of alcohol, but the moderate acidity keeps it well balanced. The style of Vidiano is rich but not dull or hot. The true potential of the grape can be found at cooler altitudes or to blend it with other grapes. 

Many wine connoisseurs have to fight to get access to the minuscule amounts of bottles that find their way into the market. It is a wine that develops a beautiful personality when paired with seafood and pasta or charcoal grilled fish.