Discover Lantides Winery

Cava Oinos is an exclusive importer of eclectic Greek wine. Our highly acclaimed portfolio has been featured in some of the most prestigious establishments of New York City, and is now rapidly expanding in other markets. However, it is much more than exquisite esoteric wines; it embodies the best of Greek art, culture and history, appealing to oenophiles on a deep emotional and cultural level.

Greece boasts the world’s longest recorded history of winemaking (6,500 years) and is credited with being the first area to develop sophisticated techniques for the cultivation and production of grapes. Today, Greece is re-emerging as an oenological world player due to its state-of-theart facilities and its innovative production techniques, adapted to its over 300 globally-unique indigenous varieties (2nd largest in the world) and fascinating terroir (mountainous, alluvial and volcanic).