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Our goal is to produce high quality wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Xinomavro variety. The constant observation and preoccupation with the vineyards, combined with the modern technology and the know-how in the procedure of wine production, constitute the means to achieve this goal.



The Foundis family originated from the village of Strantza in eastern Thrace, which they fled during the upheavals of the second Balkan War. In 1914, along with other refugees from their village, they arrived in the Naoussa area of western Macedonia, and established the settlement of Nea Strantza. George Foundis with his son Theodore took up viticulture and in 1930 they planted the first of their own vineyards with Xinomavro variety. Theodore’s son, Nicholas, enlarged the family’s vineyard holdings during the 1970s and, in the 1980s, following contacts with noted members of the international wine community, he became committed to estate bottling. This led him to establish Estate Foundi in 1992.

In 1996, his nephew, Dimitris Ziannis, on completion of his oenology studies in France, joined the Estate as winemaker. The small, modern winery of Estate Foundis is situated in the picturesque landscape of Nea Strantza.