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Cavino Winery 


CAVINO company was established in 1958 in Aigio city in Peloponnese by Constantinos Anastassiou. Although initially It was just a winery it eventually added a distillery and with the addition of climate control warehouses the infrastructure was set for this modern wine company.


Cavino Winery&Distillery is located in Aigio in North-West part of Peloponnese. The company together with its warehouses is accessible by the National Road Athens-Patras.


Domain Mega Spileo

The official references about the monastery vineyard exist from 1550. The domain and winery were using by monks for viticulture and harvesting of grapes. The monks transported the grape must by mules to monastery's famous cellar where they decant it to 500lt wooden barrels. Local workers were involved in this process helping to monks and glorifying the Great Vineyard "Megali Ambelos" and its wine. At the end of 80th decade the viticulture of grapes was stopped due to gradual leaving of monks from monastery.

Location: The Great Vineyard is located on 21st km of Diakofto-Kalavrita Road in place Lovas on plateau above the picturesque Vouraikos canyon at 800 m height.

Viticulture: The renovation of the vineyard and planting of new vines took place in 1999 with the long term tenancy of Mega Spileo's abbey. Linear vineyards of late germinative cycle planted with local and international varieties Mavrodafne, Mavro Kalavritino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Lagorthi, Asyrtiko, Malagouzia, Riesling. Plants density: 4100 plants per ha.

Ground: Sandy with clay and gravel.

Altitude: 780 - 880 m.

Vinification: Prefermented extractions in low temperatures (24-48 hours), following by red classic vinification with long extractions. Malolactic fermentation and maturing in new oak barrels (80% French and 30% American oak) for 16-24 months. Reductant aging in bottle for 24 months at least.