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 The History 

They were warriors and had participated in the Trojan War under the command of Helephinor, their leader. In his epic poem 'Iliad' Homer refers to Avantes as follows: “Brave Avantes inhabitants of Euboea coming from Chalkis, Eretria as well as grape producing Istiea and Kirinthos by the sea and even high up from Dion, Karistos and Stira, all were commanded by Helephinor, fearless in battle, strong leader of theirs. Fast, long haired warriors carrying long spears, always willing to attack and beat the enemy. Forty black ships were at sea, awaiting them.”

ILIAD – RHAPSODY B’ (verses : 494 – 590) The Lilantium plain was inhabited by Hippovotes - rich landowners who owned the famous Lilantium horses which inspired us to make them emblem of our Estate. Nowdays Avantis Estate is a boutique winery awarded with lots of medals in international competitions. It is run by capable people serving true values. Quality, production of ancient as well as modern varieties of grapes research about the potency of terroir - these are their goals. Wine production is their only occupation. They share the same passion and a vision to create the 'Great' wine from Euboea.


The Family

Since then, this has become a tradition passing from father to son and from one generation to the next. Grandfather Apostolos added the art of vinification to that of the cultivation and he fermented the family's wine in tanks at the basement of hishouse. Apostolo's father, Nicholaos, re-planted part of the farm and passed on his son the love for Nature and vin-fruit, grapes.

The first vinification by Apostolos occured in 1994. He produced 3652 bottles while four years later he had his first worldwide success. Avantis Dryos became the first Greek wine to have ever been registrated in theGuinness Book of Records (edition 1998). That was because of Apostolos 's brother Spiros, an architect, made 1500 different drawings for thelabels of equivalent number of bottles.

The Vineyard 

The vineyards are at an altitude of 250 - 500 m. lying on flat places, semi-mountainous slopes or even steep mountainous ones.
The climate is mediterranean - cold winters, hot summers and long, dry autumns. During autumn and winter months cold air masses blow doan from mountain Dirphi, carrying dew which supplies the vineyards with important humidity.
The long periods of sunshine help grapes ripen ideally in this part of central Greece.


The Winery 

After the grapes are delivered, they are pressed in a pneumatic press which is enclosed on every side and it is constantly cooled to make skin contact easier. There are stainless steel tanks for fermentation white and red wine and on top of all there is Ganimidis.

There is also a bootle rinser - filler (a vacuum filler with nitrogen is used) - corker - capsuler - labeller, a cellar where wine ages and a wine tasting room. We have recently gained an HACCP certificate which ensures the constant check of the product from the filed to the cosumer's dining tables.