What is Assyrtiko?

Assyrtiko- Arguably Greece’s finest white grape. Assyrtiko grows predominantley on the island of santorini. Small quantities have been transported to other parts of Greece, like Drama for example) Its origins are unkown. Perhaps it is indegenous to santorini or it arrived on the island with the Phoenecians in 1640-1620 BC. The vines can resist drought. They also resist oidium and peronosoporos (mildew), adapting easily to a wide variety of microclimates and soils. THe grapes are ready to be picked mid-to late august. With a producte and vigirous nature Assyrtiko grapes are large full tight-clusters of fruit. Assyrtiko is the only white known variety in the mediterranean that manages to achieve ripness while maintinng high natureal acidity. However, the its high phenol content and tendency to oxidise make it a challenge for wine makers.