Plano Assyrtiko





🌍 Region: Drama

🏺 Winery: Wine Art

🍇 Grape Variety: Assyrtiko

👀 Color: This wine has a bright golden yellow colour

👃 Nose: Complex aroma compounded of caramelised citrus fruits with persistent underlying oak notes.  

👄 Taste: In the mouth, the sense of volume is perfectly balanced by a lively crispyness.





For the year 2020

-GOLD medal, "Plano"Assyrtiko 2018, “I.W.C. of Thessaloniki 2020”, Greece.

-SILVER medal, "Plano"Assyrtiko 2018, “Mundus Vini 2020”, Germany.

-SILVER medal, "Plano"Assyrtiko 2018, “TEXSOM 2020”, Texas.

-SILVER medal, "Plano"Assyrtiko 2019, “I.W.C. of Thessaloniki 2020”, Greece.

“Wine Advocate” Score for "Plano"Assyrtiko 2019: 90 points


For the year 2019

-GOLD medal& BEST WHITE WINE, "Plano Assyrtiko" White 2016, “I.W.C. of Thessaloniki 2019”, Greece.

-SILVER medal, "Plano Assyrtiko" White 2017, “I.W.C. of Thessaloniki 2019”, Greece.

“Wine Advocate” Score for "Plano"Assyrtiko 2017: 90 points

-GOLD medal& BEST GREEK WHITE WINE, "Plano Assyrtiko" White 2017,“Challenge International du vin 2019”, France.