Kourtaki Retsina of attica 20NV


The Kourtaki Retsina of Attica 20NV, a traditional appellation country wine from Attica, Greece, made from Savatiano grapes, is characterized by its extra dryness and a medium body, with a clear pale to golden-yellow color. It features a heavy nose of thyme and pine, typical of retsina, and on the palate, it offers lemon preserve, herbal, cedar, and pine resin flavors, along with a delicate aroma of pine. This wine, flavored during fermentation with resin from the Aleppo pine and produced on the northeast-facing slopes of Mt. Parnes in Attica, develops the characteristics of the Savatiano grape, making it a unique, rustic, and simple wine that's refreshing when chilled and has an alcohol content of 11.5%