Aivalis Nemea le sang de la pierre 2020


The Aivalis "Le Sang de la Pierre" is a remarkable red wine, crafted with skill and creativity. This wine is a product of the overripe Agiorgitiko vintage, characterized by very low yields per hectare. It displays a solid red, almost purple color, and is rich in aromas of red berries, caramel, nuts, pepper, chocolate, and coffee notes. These aromas contribute to a complex and inviting nose. The wine's appearance is a deep purple with crimson hues, making a striking impression in the glass. The flavor profile includes notes of blueberry, cherry, black pepper, chocolate couverture, cloves, bay leaves, olive paste, and oak. Additionally, if allowed to breathe in the glass, it reveals layers of wet soil, mushroom, vanilla, cinnamon, and tobacco. The ethereal and multidimensional nature of this wine is evident in its aromatic depth and complexity. It offers intense red cherry, blackcurrant, liquorice, allspice, and cardamom aromas. The palate is graced with classy tannins that are perfectly balanced, making it a wine that stands out for its quality and character. Created by Sotiris Aivalis, this wine represents the new generation of the Aivalis winery, drawing on his studies in Burgundy to bring a new dimension to the Agiorgitiko grape. The concentrated character of the grapes, combined with the masterful use of the barrel, elevates "Le Sang de la Pierre" to a distinguished status among Nemea wine.