Aivalis Deux dieux red 2020


Aivalis Winery's "Deux Dieux" is a distinguished red wine from Nemea, a region in Peloponnesos, Greece. The latest available vintage is from 2020, with the oldest available being from 2019. Deux Dieux 2020 is particularly noted for its composition of two prominent grape varieties: Syrah and Agiorgitiko. The harmonious combination of these two varieties is described as "simply divine," underscoring the wine's unique character and taste profile. Recognized as the most expensive wine made from a Red Blend in the Nemea region, Deux Dieux maintains a stable price point and is widely available in Europe. This wine is characterized by its oaky notes, and flavors such as oak, chocolate, and vanilla. This description encapsulates the essence of Aivalis Winery's Deux Dieux, highlighting its rich blend, prestigious standing in the Greek wine market, and the collaborative effort behind its production.